Fibres & Fabrics

Our philosophy centers on clothing as enduring investments, manifested through meticulously selected releases and timeless pieces crafted with exceptional standards. Our design approach transcends the present, as we contemplate how each garment can seamlessly integrate into your wardrobe for seasons to come. We are committed to exploring all feasible prospects that can advance the quality and longevity of our apparel and products, both for the present and the future.

Our collections are crafted in, where possible, natural, and recycled fibres. We also strive to minimize the use of harmful chemicals in our production processes.
Elka Collective Responsible Practices January 2024


Elka Collective is committed to responsible manufacturing practices in all areas of the brand. We exclusively collaborate with makers and suppliers who are certified and regularly audited for their adherence to fair working conditions and ethical compliance.

Elka Collective Organic Cotton January 2024


Our new ‘Zoe’ Basics range is made from 100% Certified Organic Superfine Cotton. By opting to use organic cotton, we can help to minimize our environmental impact while also avoiding the use of toxic chemicals and genetically modified seeds. This not only promotes biodiversity, but also has a positive impact on the air, water, and soil in cotton-growing areas, which in turn benefits the health of both farmers and local communities. At Elka Collective, we recognize the importance of supporting sustainable and responsible practices, and we are committed to doing our part to promote a healthier, more sustainable future.

Elka Collective Vegan Leather January 2024


We believe that luxury fashion can be achieved without the use of animal products. To this end, we have developed pieces using a leather alternative that offers the same buttery, high-end look and feel, without placing any demand on natural leather resources. Our leather alternative is crafted from a 100% Polyurethane main fabric with a 100% Viscose backing.

Elka Collective UPW Yarns January 2024


We choose to source from this trusted yarn supplier based in Dongguan, China. UPW Yarns has over 39 years of experience in producing the highest quality yarns and upholds itself on providing and educating on the highest standards of environmental responsibility and sustainability. Some fibres and yarns we have used in our collections include: - FSC-Certified Viscose: A sustainable alternative to conventional viscose with its origin from managed forests. - Machine washable GRS Nylon (Global Recycling Standard) - RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) Extrafine Merino Wool