Established in 2014, Elka Collective is dedicated to the art of creating exquisite garments that resonate with the versatile and relaxed nature of the women who wear them. Harmonising classic tailoring with an effortlessly wearable sensibility, our timeless pieces emanate a refined and contemporary appeal. Each meticulously curated collection showcases a range of uncomplicated and modern designs, encapsulating the subtle strength that characterises the Elka Collective woman.

The Elka Collective woman embodies strength, elegance, and femininity. She appreciates the value of quality and versatility in equal measure, seeking garments that are impeccably crafted and seamlessly adapt to every aspect of her life. Her preference lies in a relaxed approach to luxury, where our pieces seamlessly integrate into her every day.

At the heart of our brand philosophy is the desire to curate a wardrobe of enduring styles that transcend the boundaries of fleeting trends and seasons. We prioritize the creation of wearable and enduring silhouettes, utilizing natural fibres whenever possible. Our commitment to simple elegance is unwavering, with each Elka Collective piece designed to embody our signature relaxed aesthetic. Uncompromising quality and premium craftsmanship are fundamental to our design process, where exceptional knitwear and outerwear intertwine with natural silks, linens, cotton, and yarns, forming bold textures that elevate our collections.

Designed in Melbourne, with boutique outposts in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, our brand has grown steadily, resonating with women seeking timeless yet contemporary garments. We take pride in creating cherished favorites that you'll reach for time and time again, as our garments seamlessly bridge the gap between enduring style and contemporary sophistication.

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