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Meet the Makers

At Elka Collective, we want to contribute to increasing transparency and ethical standards within the fashion supply chain. In doing so we are taking a realistic approach that focusses on growing changes and we are committed to continuously developing our transparency with our suppliers and customers.
We participate in the Baptist World Aid Ethical Fashion Report yearly and are currently holding a C grade for 2019.

We have implemented our Code of Conduct that outlines what we expect from our suppliers. All of our current suppliers have signed and abide by this. Our code of conduct ensures that all manufacturers (including their subcontractors) create a safe and fair working environment. You can read more about our code of conduct and ethical sourcing on our parent company website here.

We are proud of our supplier network and all the employees that have their own stories to tell. In the spirit of transparency, we want to share some of them.


Jiangsu Huajia Silk Corp., Ltd.

Huajia Silk employs roughly 3000+ workers over China. What we love about Huajia is their transparency. Huajia is candid about the process of each garment from start to finish. This includes farming the silk worms on their plantations in Guangxi to spinning and dying the silk in Suzhou, and then finally constructing the garments at their head office and factory in Shengze, Jiangsu.

Huajia shares the same environmental and ethical values as Elka Collective and shared with us some of the ways in which they are committed to these beliefs. These include:

  • - European standard certified dying process, this ensures workers are not exposed to harmful chemicals.
  • - Regularly completing international auditing.
  • - Water waste management system in place. Where water from washing and dying the silk is processed through a machine that allows the water to be recycled.
  • - Reducing excess water usage and pollution from run-off water.
  • - All staff are guaranteed to be paid a living wage that’s is reflective of the province they are located.
  • - Overtime (over 8 hours) is at a higher rate of pay
  • - 1-hour lunch break for all staff.
  • - Free optional onsite boarding for workers from out of town. This includes double rooms for couples and also family rooms
  • - Hot meals for lunch and dinner free of charge.
  • - All workers receive free transportation back to their hometown for Chinese New Year each year.
  • - Team bonding day 3-4 times a year, usually consisting of hiking or onsite activities.


Ji is the woven factory manager and has worked at Huajia for 30 years. Ji has worked on both jersey and woven styles in her time at Huajia. Her favourite thing about working at Huajia is getting to see all of the different garments that Huajia produces.

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