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Meet the Makers - Dáša Ceramics

12th May 2020

Dáša Ceramics

Tell us a little bit about you and the journey towards creating and starting Dáša Ceramics.
I started working with clay during my undergraduate degree in Fine Art, I immediately feel in love with the tactile nature of the medium. Like many Fine Art graduates I came to realise I needed to be able to sustain my arts practice and find another avenue to create an income. Deliberating between a master’s degree and Floristry I decided upon a Masters in Arts Management. I feel fortunate enough to be able to work in the Arts and have a creative practice too as well as be able to find continual inspiration for what I do within my work places.

I began Dáša ceramics in ode to my mother and my memories of her as an artist. I have embraced my love for flowers within my work by creating hand-built sculptural vessels. Most of these I make with the intension to be stand-alone objects but are versatile and can also be used as vases.

Tell us about your creative and production processes.
I like to begin by drawing the pieces I intend to make. I am very conscious of the way I make in today’s climate and have adopted a sustainable practice that entails only creating specific pieces that are made to order. Within this I don’t limit myself to exploring and experimenting with textures and forms. Often pieces will sit in my home/bedroom or studio shelf for a long time before I decide if I want to fire them or not. If I don’t they will go into my recycled clay bucket and I start the whole process over again. This helps me be more mindful with in my creative process and not create extra waste.

Meet the makers - Dáša Ceramics
Dáša Ceramics Pieces

Where have you found inspiration for the creation of your pieces?
I like to take visual inspiration from places I visit, I love going to art galleries and museums exploring different collections – I look at a lot of sculpture, natural forms, textures and surfaces, as well as ancient pottery.

How are you navigating through isolation currently, have you introduced new routines and regimes into your day-to-day?
Like many artists I am used to working in solitude, over the years I have come to really enjoy having my own time to create. Part of this has included making a routine that I look forward to. I think forming your own routine that includes simple pleasures that you can instil into your everyday can provide you with those small moments of enjoyment. These days I like to make my morning coffee write a day-to-day plan, I think of five things that I would like to get done that day either in the studio or outside of my studio days, this has really helped me stay motivated. reactive! Think, facemasks, cooking and wine. (I'm hoping to get on the fitness wagon eventually)

What are you listening to / watching / reading / cooking?
I have been using this time to reconnect with my routes and learn to cook Czech food – I have always wanted to do this but never found the time to dedicate the hours it takes to prepare some Czech meals which includes lots of dumplings and sauces. After years of wanting to try cooking meals my mum and gran used to cook, I have really appreciated being able to slow down and finally give Czech cooking a go.

Dáša Ceramics

We acknowledge the Bunurong people of the South-Eastern Kulin Nation as the traditional custodians of the land on which we create. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.